How I Got Here

& where am I going next

January 26, 2016 - 3 minute read -

2016 is the year Vase truly launches to the public, it’s been a wild ride for me since my first tech business, here’s how I got here, and more importantly, where am I looking to go next.

the obsession

My obsession with computers started back in 7, at that time downloading a 500mb game takes an entire day (literally 24 hours) and the download is not resumable. Which means you cant use your landline phone for the entire day. I remember playing my first MMPORG, and trying to understand how everything works behind the scenes. I started asking the right questions on google. I give google full credits of what I am today, because without google i would’ve been so far behind. That’s the cool thing about being born in the 21st century, information is democratised, you can have them if you seek for them (in most cases).

my thinking

My way of thinking is very much derived from my parents, NEVER be employable. I don’t think I am employable in a generic corporate firm anymore, way too rebellious for it. I don’t want to spend my life making slides and presenting solutions to people who’re risk adverse, where they are rewarded basically to not take risk & stick to what works, that’s not how innovation happens. Innovation happens when people get frustrated and say “fuck this shit, i’m going to change this and this is how”. And that’s how i’m gonna approach my life, it’s essentially a set of problems that can be solved 10x better. Vase is my attempt on solving the inefficiencies in the market research market, and so far the feedbacks we receive were great.

the journey

The journey of mine was an unusual one. I started hacking games when I was 11, back then it was just for the fun, it’s always cool to do things that people can’t. Since then i’m always looking for ways to get ahead and put my age to my advantage. I then moved on to starting 2 different ecommerce business when I am 13, though both failed miserably, I managed to learn a lot about websites, which will serve me later in my life.

When I was 15 I started another business in the gaming industry, this time successfully expanding the business regionally towards APAC. I remember when I realised the market opportunity that time, I told my mom “Hey mom, I need a bank account.” she replied “Are you sure? Make it first.” And I did, throughout the year I am sitting in class making more than most of my teachers, making more than most fresh grads. I remember my mom asking me “Why aren’t you dropping out?” I said it was fun to be in school. Being in school isn’t a chore to me anymore, it was meeting friends and hanging out.

After a year, I shut that business down due to market saturation, bad margins & the nature of business being unable to scale. My next year was spent learning about startups, I started reading a lot, trying to understand how to build a scalable, high growth & value delivering company. I dare not to say I truly understood how now, but Vase is my first take on trying to build one, and i’m pretty sure whatever I learn along the way will be incredibly valuable in the future.

my plans

My passion in entrepreneurship inevitably led me to solve a problem for entrepreneurs. The next chapter of my life will be written by Vase. We will be tackling the inefficiencies current market research market, improving the status quo by 10x & answer questions for companies to let them make better decisions. Is it gonna be a great story? Only time can tell.

“Death implies life.”
-Alan Watts