Not good enough

The contradiction & how I am approaching it.

January 4, 2016 - 2 minute read -
personal development

First blog post of 2016! Here’s a year in review of my 2015 and what I wish to change. I will force myself to write consistently, a week once, published or unpublished, because it forces me to think. Once a wise man told me - “stop when you had enough.” That’s true on so many perspective. This blogpost is partly inspired by a confused person.

being good enough

I have missed out on a lot of unique experiences in the pass 17 years of my life, due to my so called - perfectionsim. I don’t like doing things where i’m not good at, i’m scared. I regret those decisions, and it won’t be allowed anymore. Life is short, i’m already 20% through all of it, so do things you want to do.

The contradiction is that - you will never be great enough to start and you will never become great unless you start doing it. Don’t be afraid to do things you’re bad at, that’s how you become great at doing it.

Start bad, finish perfect.

This post is not good enough - it’s my 6th or so published blog post, it doesn’t matter, write it anyways. My first 10 rails projects is gonna suck, it doesn’t matter, code it anyways. My first 5 piano plays are gonna suck, does it matter? Don’t conform to the eyes of human, because they are nothing more superior than you, not a bit. Don’t be afraid of judgement, they are the things that motivates you to be good enough.

When I look back to the things i’ve written/created months ago, I feel ashamed. That’s good, because if i’m not, i’m not growing anymore. And you know what’s cool? I will never be good enough for myself, only better.