year of insane growth

December 25, 2015 - 3 minute read -
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2015’s been an interesting year.

To the future me: always be living.

Compared to previous year, this year is a lot more work, lesser play, more learn, less fun, more decisions, less procrastination. I’m gonna break the year in review down to time, learning and living.


People always ask me, why the rush? Why work so hard when at this age, i’m supposed to have fun? The reason - I don’t think of it as work, yes, it gets hard at times. There are times when I ask why am I doing this to myself, sometimes I can answer, most times, not so much.

The trouble is, you think you have time.

I look at it as CAGR, the more you invest early on, the more you make later on. The concept of time is always a contradiction to me, because I personally feel immortality* can be achieved in the next 50-80 years. (Pure guess)

I always have the feeling that I need to go faster, not slower. The feeling that i’m running out of time. Till date, I still feel that way. I still feel like i’m not doing enough, I still feel like i’m not fully utilising my time. Perhaps i’d been hacking my life too much, it’s time to slow down and review the effectiveness.


I started reading a lot more, I love it. I’m picking up RoR so my worst case scenario is not really that bad, at least I can still code :P I’m not subscribing to the traditional path for a several reasons, mainly, going to college feels like taking a vacation to me.

I am never the obedient kid, I can’t stand classrooms, I can’t stand slowness, I can’t stand rules, I can’t stand the status quo. For me, practicality is important. I will not learn things that doesn’t interest me or won’t have a forseeable impact in my life. College is always there for you, opportunities are not. I can always go back to college if I need to, just not now, I have a lot more better paths to go.

Always be resourceful. Don’t wait for the right time. Creativity loves constraints. Stay fearful.


Living a great life is subjective. For me, it means freedom and fulfillment. I’d have to admit I need to live a lot more inbalanced. I won’t feel fulfilling being average, 2016 will hence be geared towards building Vase.

Startups are the only way to get 20 years of experience in five. The reason to join a startup is because you are awesome, you’re willing to work hard, and you don’t want to wait 20 years to be making decisions that impact the business.
-Startup L. Jackson

2016’s ambition

  • don’t let vase die
  • keep growing, learning, living.
  • better lifestyle & health situation
  • keep taking responsibility of everything that happens.

*Immortality in a way of extremely long life extension, 10x/100x current average life span.